An Exclusive Interview with DJ Wizznu Part 1

An Exclusive Interview with DJ Wizznu Part 1

Twitter : @DJWIZZNU

A few years ago I interviewed this good looking and down to earth guy via Blackberry Messenger (BBM), that was DJ Wizznu.

DJ Wizznu is one of the popular DJs in Indonesia. His performances are always waited and attended by his loyal fans. This gym freak guy and also a movie goer often performs in Jakarta, Bali and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for this moment. Besides those cities, he also performs in other cities around Indonesia. Sometimes he performs shirtless on the stage and this surely makes his women fans scream hysterically at his sexy body! Xoxo…

Here is the first part of the interview with the sexy DJ Wizznu. Enjoy…

Q : Since when you started DJing?

A  : Since 2007.

Q : Why you chose tribal music?

A : I chose tribal because it is from Brazil which has a happy rhythm and it’s kind of like my spirit which always wants to be happy and to make people happy as well through my music.

Q : There are many kinds of dance music such as trance, hip hop, house, techno, dubstep, etc. Aren’t you interested in them?

A : I have ever played all kinds of music but the most appropriate one for my spirit is tribal.

Q : Which DJ do you admire?

A :Avicii.

OK, Guys that’s the first part of the interview with DJ Wizznu. Just wait for the next parts, Guys. See ya later.

Santoli Patrick